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My name is Esteban Lizarazo, and I am a doctoral student at Cranfield University in the UK and a professor at Inalde Business School.


My research is about the influence of Clinicians on the Healthcare Supply Chain. I am interested in continue exploring this unique field and strive to increase patient safety and the hospital's operational excellence.  

I am the CEO of Vitalis Pharmaceuticals Holdings, and my team is devoted to helping the healthcare network with the best generic injectable products. I am also an entrepreneur interested in the healthcare sector's supply chain, information systems, and innovation. I am open to exploring new endeavours and happy to share some thoughts and help start-up companies.  

Finally, my most precious job is to be part of my family. I have a lovely and wonderful wife, a wonderful daughter and a newborn son. My challenge is to teach them to enquire and to seed curiosity in their heads. I have learnt valuable lessons throughout my academic and practitioner life and have defined myself as a supply chain man. I love to see systems and networks and believe that trust is the cornerstone of any relationship.  

I hope you like my blog and, why not, to have the opportunity to share some work or research. The supply chain is my passion, and the opportunities in the healthcare sector are myriad.  


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