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Why is worthy to research for emerging markets?

I was stuck again in an airport in the US and I tried to reflect about the summit I attended at New Orleans. In this opportunity, I was listening to all the interesting presentations and discussions about healthcare supply chain in the United States, a country with a different healthcare system than most countries in emerging markets. As a matter of fact, the US spending in healthcare is almost 18% of the GDP, while my country Colombia is spending less than 7% of GDP; by the way the difference between our GDP vs US is enormous (tens of trillions vs less than 250 billions).

It was interesting to see a lot of what I considered last policies in Inventory Management for healthcare's point of use already applied in many hospitals. As an example, I could see how fast the 2bin kanban solution proposed by Landry in Canada and tested as the optimal inventory policy for hospitals by Rosales (for continuous replenishment) as the paramount and cost-effective practice in the US. But reality of my country as much of emerging market countries, is different in terms of financing the healthcare system. I used to lecture about innovation in emerging markets and still catches my mind, the fact that very few research has been done for emerging markets environments. In the following chart, I present the number of publications for Inventory Management, Healthcare and Developing World in the database EBSCO and Web of Science. The reader can see in the intersection what I just meant, very few articles in Inventory Management for Healthcare. And going further, it is interesting and relevant that within the triple intersection between the literature domains only 14 articles have been published in academia. Curious as it can be seen, the fact is that research for different environments and settings should start addressing. After all most of the worlds population don't live in developed countries.

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