• Esteban Lizarazo (Researcher in Supply Chain

My best decisions for my carrier and leadership path, Cranfield School of Management and Amarey Grou

I am visiting Cranfield School of Management for my doctoral week and as always so much to think about. This place is magic, is a Disneyland for my brain and my spirit. It makes me reflect a lot about my country, my sector, my company and my life. I feel so much relaxed and happy, I also enjoy to see things from above, from the heights of my thoughts, from a space station, as one professor told me once (by the way it was a supply chain man of course).

What I really enjoy about the doctoral journey is the awareness it produces on me, draw out in my new critical thinking and critical reading new enhanced talents. It is interesting to note that I also discover that are essential for arguing and understanding life. The findings of my journey suggest that is good to let you think freely without dogmas, without chains, looking for the truth as part of the raison d'être of my existence.

Regarding the successful facts for coping with a doctoral degree, supervision for a doctoral student is fundamental and gives guidance during all the stages of the journey. Dr. Nicky Yates is a good example of persistence, leadership, rigor, discipline and friendship. I really enjoy her direction over so many topics, so many thoughts and how she encourages me and challenges me to become a critical thinker and an academic (Thank you Nicky!!!). By the way, is an honor to be part of the Supply Chain group at the school of management, in which Cranfield was ranked as the first university in Europe and seventh worldwide. Such an honor also make me utterly proud of being part of the school.

In the other hand, in the other part of the world, it should be also the opportunity to give my gratitude to the company I work for and manage, Group Amarey. They not only gave me all kind of resources in time and funds, but also, my great boss and team supported me for implementing all the knowledge of my doctoral research in practice. The practical result of the journey was the creation of a sustainable business for Amarey and a solution for hospitals in Colombia and in further times, Latin America. That is only possible with trust and empowerment, something Mr Amaya knows very well. He is a master and a visionary man and he probably has taught me lessons that can't be learnt in books or a phd; he has a doctorate in life and leadership earned at the University of life. I really admire and respect with all my heart that man and without doubt I will dream to be my entire life supporting him. He is a true leader and inspiration, he is one of the finest man I would probably ever know in my whole existence. Thank you Mr. Amaya!!!

Mr. Amaya, Mrs. Amaya and Pope Francis

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