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What can be learnt from running

I just completed Barcelona's half marathon (Mitja Marató de Barcelona). It was an amazing race, with the beautiful landscapes of this historic and romantic city. I just love Barcelona... I did my best, left everything in the field and got a not bad 1 hour 52 minutes for the 21k. What was interesting, is the fact that 2 years ago I was barely running 10k at more than 1 hour (1 hour 10 minutes). I wouldn't ever have imagined to be running like this. The point I want to address is: What did go well that changed the performance of my race?. After all this could also help for managing any project, including my own life.

A better performance of my running may be influenced for a scientific fact and a motivation fact. I explored literature about running, and also got advised from an expert in the field. I was reflecting if my management skills are based in a good advise of someone I admire or at least, is an expert in the field (a coach). Do we learn from the knowledge and consider grounded theories, best practices, management tools and the mechanisms that underlie the real world and its interactions. In the case of running I used tools (Polar M400, Nike shoes, Coaching, Books that allowed me to move forward and reduced my times).

On the other hand, motivation may boost also my performance. However, it was not the motivation during the race that I am referring, albeit it is important. I meant the motivation of hours and hours of training. The battles are not won in the arena, but rather in the thousands of hours of training, waking up early everyday with all the discipline and mindful that it is needed. The training let me felt deeply the experience of exercising. My running has shown me that knowing my body and listening to its reactions are compared to the hours of experience and problem-solving abilities that executive people should also have. In this blog, my aim was to grasp from my own running experience the importance of knowledge (science) and motivations (experience) for pushing further any goal I decide in my life. As Nike says "Just do it" and I will definitely prepare more for my next challenge at Berlin's half marathon in April (I have a bet...)

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